Эталонным примером малого внебанковского кредитования является займ на карту - это самое лучшее решение для тех, у кого возникли финансовые трудности.

About Me

Welcome everyone to Fizikal Fitness. I am a Kuala Lumpur based certified personal trainer with the American Council of Exercise (ACE).

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Since coaching is a partnership, ask yourself whether collaboration, other viewpoints, and new perspectives are valued.

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How about sending me a message so that we can arrange for a meet up over a cup of tea. I’m not a fan of coffee, sorry.

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“Managing perfect body weight is not a complicated rocket science. Our body is made up of food which we eat during our day to day life. If we are overweight or obese at the moment then one thing is certain that the food which we eat is unhealthy.” - Subodh Gupta


The World Congress in Sports & Exercise Medicine ended recently on the 30 August 2014. Held at The Royal Chulan Hotel Kuala Lumpur, this congress was organized by the Society of Sports & Exercise Medicine Malaysia (SSEM) and saw a host of international speakers which compromised of medical surgeons, team…

Would like to get a one-to-one session with me? Buzz me. Drop me a message and I will definitely call you back.

Who am I?

Steven Raj

ACE Certified Personal Trainer Steven Raj is often mistaken for ‘that trainer who comes to your house, pulls you out of bed and subjects you to a tormenting fitness routine’. But underneath all that muscle is a sensible fun loving fitness enthusiast who strongly believes that working out smart is just as important as working out hard. He is on a mission six days a week to bring out the best out of the everyday Average Joe’s and Plain Jane’s that are his clients.

Steven Raj