About Me

Эталонным примером малого внебанковского кредитования является займ на карту - это самое лучшее решение для тех, у кого возникли финансовые трудности.

Having started working out back in 2000, I diligently followed the so called ‘broscience’ code, a term use to describe advice given by gym goers that offer little or no scientific backing or evidence. The combination of misinformed training practices and bad eating habits unfortunately culminated with me tipping the scales at over 200 pounds!

Shortly after obtaining my Degree in Psychology in 2008, I applied to be a fitness instructor at one of the largest internationally based commercial fitness chains in Malaysia. It provided me the opportunity to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge of physical training which I used to better the physical state of both my clients and myself.

Seeing me alter my physique using safe and natural means has not only served to improve my own confidence and self esteem, but it also serves as a role model to my
clients, friends and those around me.

After spending two years with two different gyms and weighing 30 pounds lighter, I decided that the time was right for me to venture out and form Fizikal Fitness, my own fitness coaching and consultancy service. My objective was simple.

I strive to not only provide physical change, but also to create a lifestyle revolution for each and every individual that seeks my services.